Prayer List

[intro] Please use this list daily to pray for the people listed below.
[/intro] [intro] Pray not only for the concerns listed, but also praise God for the joys in our lives.
[/intro] [intro] Please use the form at the bottom of the page to request additions or deletions.
[/intro] [intro] Prices Creek  (church growth)
[/intro] [intro] Jerry Bortner  (back surgery)
[/intro] [intro] Olivia & Mary Bowers  (continued healing)
[/intro][intro] Edward kensbock (military)
[/intro] [intro] Paul kensbock (military)
[/intro] [intro]Barb Barnhart (Health Concerns)
[/intro][intro] Sue DeBoo (stroke, living with Duane, doing better)
[/intro][intro] Dana Wilson (Recovering From Cancer Surgery)
[/intro] [intro] Sulman Younus (missionary)
[/intro][intro] Lucas Fudge(leukemia)
[/intro] [intro] Dennis Cook (lung failure)
[/intro] [intro] Martha Harris (continued healing)
[/intro] [intro] Phyllis Montgomery (hit by car, broke both legs)
[/intro] ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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